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Construction of vinyl windows is important. There are two basic methods: mechanical connections and fully welded construction. Both types of construction can pass the rigid testing as outlined by the ANSI/ AAMA specifications. Mechanically connected windows are assembled by using screws, and caulk at the corners of the windows and frames. Connections can loosen during the trip from the factory to your home. Fully welded construction takes advantage of the NATURE of vinyl.

After the sections of the frame and window are cut, the mitered corners are heated. Once assembled and cooled, the two pieces of vinyl actually become one. Heat can cause big problems with some vinyl windows. Very close to 162 degrees F, most vinyls begin to lose some of their rigidity. Stress can cause frames to sag and distort. It is essential that you purchase high quality vinyl if you feel your windows will be exposed to this type of sunlight.


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