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virginia windows

Sometimes called Sliders, these types of windows are good for large unobstructed views outside. They are available for many different configurations and options to fit with-in your house. They can be easily cleaned on both sides, since they can be lifted out of the sash.


  • Rigid, heavy-duty vinyl frames—with all corners fused together at high temperatures for extraordinary strength—feature seven separate chambers to provide excellent insulation.
  • Insulfil™ foam inside the frame chambers improves energy efficiency.
  • Easy-to-operate limiting latches allow for ventilation while helping to keep children and your home safer.
  • Automotive-type glazing creates a super-tight seal.
  • Insulating foam wrap around the frame reduces the likelihood of drafts between the window and any voids in your walls.
  • PPG Intercept® warm-edge spacer system reduces energy loss through the glass.
  • Special double weather stripping helps make your windows airtight.
  • Lift-out sashes, with an anti-drift device that prevents sashes from being lifted out unless you want them to, provide easy access to the exterior of the window for cleaning.