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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does SuperServerHosting support FrontPage?

  • Yes we do support this software however sometimes it can create problems with linux servers. We do recommend that our clients use FTP to upload their website files.

  • Can you host all types of domain name extensions?

  • Yes we can host any valid domain extension as long as you are able to change its DNS (Domain Name Servers) to the values we send you in your web hosting welcome email

  • Can I create addon domains without the DNS change?

  • It is possible but we do not recommend it however if it is an absolute necessity, our techs might be able to arrange it for you.

  • What would happen to my site if your server hardware breaks down?

  • Server hardware can go down at times however we at SuperServerHosting on duty 24 hours a day and if any such incident does happen, we take all possible measures to bring your websites online as soon as possible by replacing the hardware. We also update our server status area on our forums regularly for any network related updates including server downtime notifications.

  • Would I be able to upgrade my hosting account?

  • Yes. You would need to get in touch with our billing department and they would sort it out for you. You do not have to worry cause if your current hosting plan is not going to expire soon we will deduct unused amount of money from the new invoice.

  • Can I change main domain name at SuperServerHosting?

  • Yes you can and we would do it for free just by submitting the request to our billing department.

  • How to change my cPanel user name?

  • We would need to delete your current account first and then create your cPanel hosting account again on the web server to complete this task. If you are okay with this, you can get in touch with the support department and they can handle it for you.

  • Can I get my money back if SuperServerHosting does not come up to mystandards?

  • Yes you can however you would have to file for the refund within the first 30 days of the sign up.

  • What is the size limit for the Mail Box?

  • You can allot any amount of web space to your email account as long as it is below your web hosting plan's web space quota.

  • I already have a domain name. Can I transfer its registration management to SuperServerHosting?

  • At this time we are not taking domain name registration transfers. You would need to keep your domain name with your current Registrar and change the name servers to our values.

  • Does SuperServerHosting provide Merchant Accounts?

  • We do not however we recommend for credit card processing services.

  • Can SuperServerHosting offer web design services?

  • We offer full fledged custom website design services . SuperServerHosting has a professional web designer that would personally set up your site and help develop and design your site.

  • How do you monitor your servers?

  • We use Nagios server monitoring software to check the availability of our web servers every 2 minutes. The moment a web server goes down, our technical team gets right on it to fix the issue as soon as possible. We also post our monthly server uptime reports on our blog and network announcements at our forum.

  • Does SuperServerHosting allow SSH access?

  • Yes we do support SSH which is quite useful to professional web masters. It is available upon the request.

  • Can I run an online store by using a shopping cart software?

  • Yes you can and we provide many free shopping cart scripts for you to use. You can even install them with one click of a button. You would however need to use a shopping cart that is based out of PHP scripting language and MYSQL database software.

  • Does SuperServerHosting provide customized hosting solutions?

  • At this time we provide customized shared hosting solutions only.

  • Do you support shared SSL?

  • We do not. You would need to buy a dedicated SSL certificate if you want to use it on your website.

  • Can I use ASP on your servers?

  • You cannot because we do not support it.

  • Does SuperServerHosting support JSP?

  • No we do not support JSP normal hosting plans. If you have a windows dedicated server or VPS with us, you can install it yourself and then start using it.

  • Can SuperServerHosting support DJango and Ruby on Rails?

  • Yes we do however we recommend you get a VPS or a dedicated server for this as they can be quite resource intensive to run on shared hosting environments.

  • Do you have an affiliate/partner program?

  • Yes we have a very well known hosting partner program. We would love to see you as our future hosting partner.

  • Can I pay you through a credit card or use PayPal?

  • We take all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Additionally you can pay us through e-checks and BillmeLater (US only).

  • How do I provide web hosting services to my clients or friends?

  • Buy a reseller hosting plan from us and you can do it quite easily.

  • Does SuperServerHosting back up the data on its web servers?

  • We do however we recommend you to keep your own local backups and not rely 100% on us. Having backups on two locations is always a good idea.

  • Does SuperServerHosting host adult websites?

  • We can host adult websites on VPS and dedicated servers only. All adult content must be legal and comply with the Internet Laws of the United States of America.

  • Can I work on MySQL through a remote location?

  • We do not support this feature. You can however do it if you have a VPS or a dedicated server with us.

  • What Operating System does SuperServerHosting use on the servers?

  • We use CentOS Linux and FreeBSD Operating systems on our shared servers. Clients do have the ability to install their own choice of Linux operating system on VPS (CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Gentoo) and any including Windows Server 2003 on dedicated servers.

  • What version of PHP does SuperServerHosting use?

  • We support both php 4.0 + and php 5+ .

    What version of Apache does SuperServerHosting use?

  • We use Apache/1.3.+ and 2 (Unix). This version is for reference only because we keep updating the software as needed.

    Can I edit the httpd conf fileĀ ?

  • You can do this if you have a VPS or a dedicated server only. We do not allow it with normal hosting packages.

    Do you support custom error pages?

  • Yes we do and you can set them up inside your cPanel control panel.

    Can I make my own .htaccess files?

  • Yes you can.

    I have written my own script. Can I run it on your servers?

  • Yes you can as long as the script can be executed on a Linux server. We do however recommend that you get in touch first if you feel it can possibly cause trouble on a shared hosting server.

    Where is SuperServerHosting based at?

  • SuperServerHosting is part of WHB Networks LLC and is located in Alexandria, VA, United States. We also have sister offices in Lincoln City United Kingdom, Kharkiv Ukraine and Dubai UAE. Our global presence is an added bonus when it comes to providing true 24x7 online technical support.

    Can I renew my hosting plan at the same rate as I signed up for?

  • Yes.

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